MeetOur Physicians

  • Charles W. Cramer

    Dr. Cramer specializes in cardiovascular disease.

  • Amir I. Choudhry

    Dr. Choudhry specializes in cardiovascular disease. He also practices at the HeartPlace Plano West Vein Clinic.

  • Peter Tauriainen

    Dr. Taurianinen specializes in Thoracic Surgery.

  • Vijay S. Ramanath
    M.D., F.A.C.C., F.S.C.A.I.

    Dr. Ramanath was born and raised in Rochester, NY. He studied medicine at SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, NY, followed by internal medicine training at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in Pittsburgh, PA.

  • Timothy Dao

Welcome to HeartPlace

Mission Statement:

HeartPlace is the past, present, and future of cardiology in North Texas. Founded almost 50 years ago, HeartPlace is the oldest and largest cardiovascular group in North Texas. From its small beginning in Dallas, HeartPlace has grown to over 70 physicians throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. HeartPlace has been an innovator in cardiovascular services, introducing to the North Texas area procedures such as coronary angiography, angioplasty, coronary stenting, and electrophysiology. This dedication to innovative techniques and procedures has guaranteed our patients the latest and most up-to-date cardiovascular services...

Heart Healthy Tips & News

  • AHA: Daily Cup of Tea May Boost Cardiovascular Health

    Drinking as little as a cup of tea daily may improve cardiovascular health, according to new research scheduled to be presented on Tuesday at the American Heart Association`s Epidemiology and Prevention/Lifestyle and Cardiometabolic Health 2016 Scientific Sessions, held from March 1 to 4 in Phoenix.

    Read More

  • Researchers find key mechanism leading to vascular calcification – ‘hardening of the arteries, valves or plaque’

    A University of Miami Miller School of Medicine research team has uncovered a key mechanism in the development of vascular calcification, or hardening of the arteries, valves or plaque - a disorder that affects millions of people. Source: Medical News Today Read More Read More

  • Text/Email Appointment Reminders

    Never forget another appointment! We are now offering text and email* appointment reminders. We have 3 convenient ways to opt in, please see the front desk staff, text HEARTPLACE to 622622, or scan the QR code on this flyer. Read More Read More

  • Pollution levels linked to stroke-related narrowing of arteries

    Air pollution has been linked to a dangerous narrowing of neck arteries that occurs prior to strokes, according to researchers. The scientists analyzed medical test records for more than 300,000 people living in New York, New Jersey or Connecticut. They found that people living in zip codes with the highest average levels of fine-particulate-matter pollution were significantly more likely to show signs of narrowing (stenosis) in their internal carotid arteries, compared to those living in zip codes with the lowest pollution levels. Source: Science Daily Read More Read More

  • Arm access reduces mortality and bleeding compared to leg access for invasive heart procedures

    Pooled evidence suggests that accessing the heart through an artery in the arm reduces death and major bleeding events in patients with acute coronary syndrome (ACS) compared to using an artery in the groin. The evidence review is published in Annals of Internal Medicine. Source: Medical News Today Read More Read More

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