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Do You Know What an Exercise Echo Is?

Aug 06, 2019

Do You Know What an Exercise Echo Is?

Exercise Treadmill Test

Some people do not know what is involved in an exercise echo test. I am going to give you a few details to help with that. An exercise echo is also called a "Stress Echocardiogram". It combines the sonogram imaging of the heart with physical treadmill walking. The point of this test is to determine if the person taking the test has any heart abnormalities, like arrhythmias or irregular heart beats. The test can show how the heart pumps, using a probe that is used on the skin of the chest. It uses ultrasound waves that bounce off your heart and give pictures of certain areas of your heart. The test will have a "resting" phase of images and then you will walk on the treadmill and then post exercise images are taken. The doctor will compare the 2 sets of images to determine if there is an abnormality. This kind of test can not see everything that goes on with your heart. There are other, more detailed tests that can be done for more difficult images. This test is completely painless and only takes about 60-90 minutes. This is an extremely safe test. For more information on exercise echoes or any other service, please call us at 972-985-8838 or visit us at