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Terry T. - HeartPlace Reviews

Had my first appointment with Dr. Oyenuga yesterday and I could have not been more pleased. His bedside manner is only exceeded by his knowledge and ability to explain what he thinks. It has been a touch time finding these two gentlemen but now that I have found them - I am KEEPING them. One thing: I would appreciate if someone could send me a phonetic spelling of Dr. Oyenuga's name. He deserves to have his name pronounced property and I want to take the time to learn. Again, send along my thanks to Dr. Oyenuga - he is a keeper - along with Dr. Boehrer. PS: I am 73 but with Boehrer and Oyenuga taking care of my heart I think I will plan on going to at least 100 - why not? Thanks for "being there". "
Kyle E. - Yelp
"I have had three appointments at HeartPlace in three years. The staff is always very friendly and responsive. When I first met the cardiologist, among his first words were, "How can I help you?" Subsequent visits have been wonderful. I have to go on the treadmill and the cardiologist is always right there chatting with me and doesn't leave it to a technician. The best cardiology practice I've ever experienced."
Anthony C. - Healthgrades

"I had a nuclear stress test yesterday and the 2 ladies that took care of me were super !!!! When they put the dye in me I just about blacked out, they went right into professional mode and bought me right back to connessiounes they were like my angels and I thank them from the bottom of my heart !!! Unfortunatly as soon as I got into my truck I got violently sick,personally because of the medicine.. But overall I cannot thank these 2 ladies enough they are professional and true God"s angels !!! Thank you all."

i received a Nuclear Stress Test on Wednesday, October 16. Since I am 95 years old and handicapped [ I have no balance] it was stressful for me. The gentlemen who put patches on me was calming and pleasant. The Oriental man who administered the filming had no idea that I could not climb up on that high, high chair (I am five foot). He was patient and somehow got me up there (twice) without me having a panic attack. Also--the lady who checked me in was friendly and helpful. Please thank them for me; I am afraid I was so anxious to leave that I neglected to do so.

Helen S.

My husband's cardiac catheterization was done by the most professional, informative, caring, and thorough physician. Dr. Al Akshar provided us with the information, care, and advise that will make my husband's steps to regain his health possible. His team at Mansfield Medical Heart Care facility were really amazing. My husband decided to stay awake during his procedure so he could make decisions about his care and Dr. Al Akshar was very honest in his evaluation and recommendations. I've had my issues with Mansfield Methodist in the past but the Heart Care team that took care of my husband was amazing.