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November is Eat Healthy Month!

November is Eat Healthy Month!

Nov 08, 2019

Eat Smart!

Snack and Sip Smarter

Think beyond meals. Snacks and drinks are an important part of your eating pattern. They can add extra calories, sodium, saturated fat and added sugars you don’t need. Here are some ways to keep them healthier

Choose H20. Remember, the healthiest thing you can drink is water! Make it your default choice when you’re feeling thirsty. You can give it some extra appeal by adding fresh or frozen fruits, herbs or a splash of 100% fruit juice.

• Try seltzer, club soda or sparkling water if you love the fizz. For a festive holiday look, garnish with whole cranberries and mint leaves.

• Swap the empty calories of most crackers and chips for the crunchy goodness of whole grains, raw fruits and veggies, and nuts and seeds.

• Replace sugary drinks (including sodas, energy and sports drinks, sweet tea and lemonade) with water or unsweetened tea. To make the switch easier, cut back the amount of sweetener gradually until your taste adjusts.

• For a satisfying boost of energy, try peanut or almond butter, hummus or low-fat yogurt.

• Be your own barista. Opt for less-sweet homemade versions of coffee drinks, hot cider and cocoa. (You’ll save money, too!)

• Throw an apple, orange or banana in your bag for those times when hunger takes you by surprise. It will fill you up and help keep you from overeating later.

• Drink in moderation. Alternate cocktails and other adult beverages with water to cut down on the calories and added sugars.

• For a lighter appetizer or game day snack, serve crisp, colorful, cut-up vegetables for dipping into hummus or guacamole.

Find recipes, cooking tips and more at heart.org/HealthyforGood.